Business Activities


  • Constructible surface search, land lots purchasing
    Land lots with the territory of 1.5 hectares in economically successful regions which population  income growth rate is higher than 15% per year are particularly attractive.
    Company specialists using necessary information about regional real estate market conduct market analysis and analyze financial situation of the land lots on offer to choose the most prospective variants for further expansion.
  • Real estate unit concept development
    Concept development is a result of market research. Real estate unit concept includes detailed description of this unit: defining dimensions and structure levels of a shopping centre, developing floor plans and architectural design solutions, area functional zoning, recommendations on trade operators’ choice.
  • Project business plan
    Project business plan is a strategic plan including all present and future elements necessary for value maximization and company aims achievement.
  • Designing and construction
    Special attention is paid to developing effective design decisions and main object parameters compliance with engineering and technical supply, operation and management organization when conducting a real estate unit design. Company conducts tenders on contractors’ choice and work execution, controls the cost and chooses construction supplies, conducts current construction management, quality control and work completion terms to meet the quality of construction works within the time-limit and in compliance with the budget.