Business Activities


Commercial real estate management

  • maintenance management
    Maintenance service task is to develop and maintain real estate unit infrastructure system in good working condition. Every day functions are: lifting equipment operation;  fire systems operation;  preventive and  regular remedial works conduction; total systems management ; utility cost calculation, management and control of utilities; co-ordination and control of subcontractors; telecommunication service supply for tenants;  management and forwarding of fit out works of tenants during their rotation; maintaining security and rule; elimination of waste from the building.
  • marketing management
    System based strategy of real estate unit promotion with the help of various marketing instruments includes regional market analysis, internal space organization, continuous audit of a real estate unit activity. Internal marketing key figures control (analysis of attendance, target audience, tenants’ sales level) enables to evaluate its efficiency and to correct advertising measures in time.
  • financial flow management
    Financial service has the following functions: accounting; contract base keeping; management accounting;  cost accounting and management accounting integration; organization and automatization of document flow; designing and coordination standards and time-limits of reporting for management company; reporting control and control of its in time presentation; reporting automatization.
  • tenants relations management
    Shopping center’s commercial success depends directly on its tenants. Tenants relations management is one of the most important and time-consuming part of real estate management. The main functions of the real estate management company on this stage are contract base expansion; contract formation and control of its execution; control of shops preparation for installation; control of financial obligations fulfillment by tenants; tenants rotation; solving other problems connected with tenants activity.

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