Business Activities


Retail lease and office premises rental

EKS Managing company is engaged in attracting tenants for own retail real estate objects of total area of 225 775 sq. m.

• Determining tenant mix

The process of attracting tenants starts at the stage of project concept development. We form the offer of the optimum selection of retailers on the basis of marketing research results and taking into account availability of strategic tenants.

• Negotiations with potential tenants

After determining potential tenants’ pool we collect detailed information about each of them. On the basis of this profile the final list of potential tenants is formed who we have negotiations with and agree upon the final conditions of retail lease and premises.

• Lease contracts signing

As the result of negotiations the letters of intent are signed where main conditions of lease contract. After approving the contracts of retail lease are signed.

• Retailers rotation in management process

The work of every tenant is analyzed throughout the daily activities in order to correct the current pool of tenants.

Main projects of brokerage

Regional concept trading and entertainment center “SEMYA” Perm city 82 394 sq. m

Regional concept trading and entertainment center “SEMYA” Ufa city 72 290 sq. m

Shopping center “TSUM” Perm city 11 703 sq. m

Universam “SEMYA in Borchaninov street” Perm city

Brokerage and concept department:

Manager ,
Yulia Matveeva
tel.+7 (342) 238-67-02